Fabulous features in February!

How lucky are we to be featured in not one, but two wedding blogs in a week!! A must for all future T.H.E Brides wanting to get some sneaky ideas for THE Big Day! oOo Emily & Han       The most beautifully warm and rustic winter wedding edit      ... Read more


Happy New Year from all T.H.E. Team.

Happy New year Everyone, Good wishes to all and lets hope ’18 is as adventurous as ’17 was! Can’t wait to see what this year has in store for us all at T.H.E., we’re ready!! Though we would start the blogging year off with a gorgeous hand written letter by the bold lady herself, Mary Cholmondeley. This letter is written by ... Read more


Delicious December.

  From all T.H.E team at Holford Estate, We would like to wish everyone a wonderful Christmas and a very Happy New Year!! We cannot wait to see what 2018 has in store for us… but first we must eat lots of food and drink lots of wine! All Our Love Xx... Read more


Nostalgic November.

So placed, the front is from intrusion free; Three rooms above let wife and children claim, One only needful for the widow’d dame; Threfh’d ftraw no more fupplies a covering fit, By torturing engine mangled, cruft’d, and fplit; A roof of tile must now the walls o’erspread, Whiche’er beft pleafes, brindled, blue, or red, A cottage fill should but a ... Read more


Origins of October.

Halloween the annual holiday, celebrated each year on October 31 has roots in age-old European traditions. …Or shall we say it’s been … “ Scaring people since the 9th Century! ” On May 13, 609 A.D., Pope Boniface IV dedicated the Pantheon in Rome in honor of all Christian martyrs, and the Catholic feast of All Martyrs Day was established ... Read more


Scrumptious September.

Well, we have to say September was a fun filled month of love and joy! We were privileged to host so many beautiful weddings we just had to share some of their best bits! First up was…. // HANNAH AND JAMES // Photo credits to Mark Bristol. A fun filled day of laughter and Dave the dog, ring barer extraordinaire!! // ... Read more


Arranging August.

Right now ladies… Calling all Brides /&/ Grooms who love a look in! August was the month T.H.E hit pintrest! Let the planning commence! We LOVE to plan along side you to be able to recommended our like minded friends to help create the day of your dreams.  Its all about team work! Why not start with a little pintrest look ... Read more


Juicy July.

July has been a washout weather wise, with a sprinkle of sunshine,.. just to tease us! This in mind I thought I’d take you right back to beginning, where the Holford name originally came from and its watery roots! First written about in 1119, the name Holford derived from the geographical features of its location: HOL – a hollow or ... Read more


Jingle Bells June.

// THERE IS NO SEASON ON ROMANCE // Frost tipped fields, rich textures and indulgence. Theres something magical about the festive season, a magic that lends itself so well to a gorgeous winter wedding! It easy to see why people choose a summers wedding, in the hope the British weather is kind!.. BUT a winters day, crisp mornings and ice ... Read more


May Madness.

The Madness of May is very apparent considering I am writing the blog in June!! Maybe it should have been called ‘Memories of May’!.. We have some lovely memories, although the weather was a wash out, we were very lucky to have some fabulous events, including the gorgeous wedding of // MR AND MRS WARING // Captured by the talented ... Read more