Notorious November.

So what is the first thing that springs to mind when you think of November, yes …Bonfire night!

Winter stew and crusty bread, toffee apples, getting your teeth stuck together because a big lump of treacle toffee seemed like a good idea! Wrapping up warm with a big scarf to watch the fireworks, the giant bonfire in the back ground and Guy Fawkes burning away on top!… now if that wasn’t a reason to write a T.H.E blog what is, even if I am a little,.. very late in the month!

I felt it was time to back and do a little history, so here we have a little insight into the cunning chap that was Guido with of course a T.H.E reference,… I couldn’t not!

Guy or Guido Fawkes was born and educated in the beautiful city of York. After his father died when he was eight years old his mother remarried an recusant catholic. Fawkes converted and when the time came he left for the continent.
He fought in the Eighty Years War for catholic Spain and also tried to seek support for a catholic rebellion in England,..with no success! He later he met Thomas Wintour and travelled back to England.

Wintour introduced the cunning Fawkes to Robert Catesby who was planning to assassinate King James I and restore a Catholic monarch to the throne,… they seemed like a match made in devious heaven!
King James VI (of Scotland ) and I (of England), son of Mary Queen of Scots, achieved most of his aims while on the throne in Scotland, however he was faced many difficulties during his reign in England, including repeated conflicts with parliament and Novembers sinister gun powder plot in 1605!
The plotters, Catesby and Fawkes leased the undercroft beneath the House of Lords and Fawkes was put in charge of the famous gunpowder stockpile.
Prompted by an anonymous letter, authorities started to search the Westminster Palace and in the early hours of November 5th Fawkes was found guarding all the explosives!! …Silly boy!
He was questioned and tortured until eventually he confessed. On the 31st January he ‘fell’ from the scaffold he was meant to be hung from, just minutes before his execution was due. Who knows maybe he was trying to save himself the agony and mutilation, canny.
Fawkes later became synonymous to the failed Gun Powder Plot, that has ben commemorated since 1605 and his effigy burned on the bonfire every year since.
Shortly before, T.H.E’s very own Mary Chomondleley, was planning her very own plot as she fought a 40 year long battle where she challenged her uncle over her father, Christopher Holfords’ estate, this was the original ‘Holford Estate’!
During this dispute she was aptly named the ‘Bold Lady of Cheshire’ by King James the survivor of the failed assasination plot! Eventually the lawsuit was finally settled and the Bold Lady got what she and her father wanted!  .. Mary went on to renovate and enlarge the house that still stands today!


Maybe Fawkes should have made friends with Mary…

Make T.H.E. call