Happy New Year from all T.H.E. Team.

Happy New year Everyone, Good wishes to all and lets hope ’18 is as adventurous as ’17 was!

Can’t wait to see what this year has in store for us all at T.H.E., we’re ready!!

Though we would start the blogging year off with a gorgeous hand written letter by the bold lady herself, Mary Cholmondeley.

This letter is written by Dame Mary to Sir Richard Grosvenor, asking that her grandson, Dick Grosvenor join the family for christmas festivities at Holford. The letter showed her deep affection for him as she wrote at the end;

” Sir, I pray you give leave to my sonne [ie Grandson] Dick Grosvenorto come to me to morrowe, and be w[i]th me, the rest of his tyme of Christmas to make merry w[i]th his unkles and friends that are now w[i]th me. I pray you send him to me for I look for him, and am not well w[i]thout him. and if you had not ben nearer a kyn to him than I you should not have had him all this while. ”


 At the age of just 15 Richard Grosvenor married Lettice Cholmondeley. At this time the Cholmondeley family we’re ranked second amongst the county elite. The young marriage produced four children and even after the death of Lettice in 1612 the relationship between the Cholmondeley and Grosvenor family stayed close.                So close in fact that in 1617 Richard Grosvenor was knighted by King James I on 24th August in Dame Marys house in Vale Royal.

Below is the translation of the whole letter to her son in law;

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