Jingle Bells June.

// THERE IS NO SEASON ON ROMANCE // Frost tipped fields, rich textures and indulgence. Theres something magical about the festive season, a magic that lends itself so well to a gorgeous winter wedding! It easy to see why people choose a summers wedding, in the hope the British weather is kind!.. BUT a winters day, crisp mornings and ice ... Read more


May Madness.

The Madness of May is very apparent considering I am writing the blog in June!! Maybe it should have been called ‘Memories of May’!.. We have some lovely memories, although the weather was a wash out, we were very lucky to have some fabulous events, including the gorgeous wedding of // MR AND MRS WARING // Captured by the talented ... Read more


Aprils Antics.

April sprung upon us like on of the T.H.E dogs leaping into the river and left us just as fast as we would run when they shake jumping out  ! Who is just as shocked as us that it is MAY already!! We have had such a fantastic mix of events over the past few weeks it has been great to get ... Read more


Manchester in March.

In 1898 Holford Estate went up for auction and was later bought by the chairman of Manchester united Football club, John Henry Davies, a brewery magnet from Manchester and previous owner of Manchester United football club. The then ‘Newton Heath’, was struggling with a debt of £2,670 at the time that Henry Davis took over. There is a popular story attached ... Read more


Flirty February.

So Fabulous Flirty February as ever has been filled with all the love and affection of Valentines day, what else! Valentines Day, first originated as a Western Christian liturgical feast day, honouring one or more early saints named Valentines, (any excuse for a feast at T.H.E is and excuse worth honouring!) and is recognized as a significant cultural and commercial celebration ... Read more


Justifying January.

Well, time flies when your having fun they say,…or caught up in christmas and new years antics (work)! Sadly, Decembers blog was a little jumbled between the lot!! However, were back fighting fit and ready to rumble for what looks to be a brilliant year ahead at T.H.E! We’ve had a amazing start since opening last year and have been ... Read more


Notorious November.

So what is the first thing that springs to mind when you think of November, yes …Bonfire night! Winter stew and crusty bread, toffee apples, getting your teeth stuck together because a big lump of treacle toffee seemed like a good idea! Wrapping up warm with a big scarf to watch the fireworks, the giant bonfire in the back ground ... Read more


Outragous October.

Happy Halloween is upon us and this means sadly Outragous October has just hours of 2016 left. What an October it has been at T.H.E not only have we had some fantastic events but I think we may have seen all four seasons in the last few weeks!! We started off with a gorgeous christening/birthday party that felt like we ... Read more


September Superstitions.

The wonderful wedding season has been in full swing and this leads me straight to a little bit of September Superstition, so I may as well start as I mean to go on and inform all you brides to be of the traditional ‘dos and donts’ of getting hitched! There are many old wives tales and customs surrounding weddings that ... Read more


Augusts Accomplishments.

An apology for the late August post – but I thought I’d wait to talk about something very close to our T.H.E hearts. The ‘something’ thats been keeping us a little distracted for the past few weeks (or should I say years, thats probably more like it!) The obvious distraction has been the Olympics, to which I am watching the ... Read more

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