The name Holford comes from its location HOL – a hollow or valley and FORD – a shallow place to cross a river. This site and its given name can be found throughout the UK and now exists as surname and place name in over 15 countries.

Holford family ancestry starts.

William Toft marries Joan de Lostock and they take de Holford as their family name.

Christopher Holford dies on the 13th of July with no male heir, which ends The Holfords of Holford ancestry.

Mary Cholmondeley (nee Holford) inherits the Estate after a 40-year law-suite to claim her Father’s wish naming her as his rightful heir.
The Bold Lady of Cheshire so named by James the 1st is now part of
the third richest family in Cheshire, and with this wealth sets about re-building and renovating the house that stands today.

Robert Cholmondeley of Holford dies without an heir but with
great debt, Holford Hall and a large part of the estate passes to
Thomas Asheton of Ashley Hall for his grandson Thomas Asheton-Smith to inherit; other lands pay off debts to the Cholmondeley family and local gentry.

Asheton-Smith, now an extremely wealthy slate baron, sells
Holford Estate to Langford-Brooke of Mere Hall.

Langford-Brooke auction The Holford Estate.
Bought by JOHN HENRY DAVIS a brewery magnate investing in the newly emerging chemical industries. The Ammonia Soda Company was formed and played a vital role in the first world war making ammunition.
John Henry Davis also invested in Football being the first chairman and creator of MANCHESTER UNITED. Manchester Courier in 1908 writes ” due to growth in the chemical industrials, the old Hall at Holford is to be taken down”.

Brunnermond Ltd take over the chemical company, disband and relocate it to another area of the estate called Holford Moss and is still extracting today.

The Brunnermond Company, now ICI, sell Holford Hall and 40 acres on the 29th of September at auction to the Phillips family.

55 acres of original Holford land acquired and 35 acres of Plumley nature reserve purchased.

Holford Mill added to the Holford Estate portfolio.

Should you be interested in knowing more about the History of Holford please ask as we have plenty more information that we can’t fit on this page including visiting Malpas Church where Dame Mary Cholmondeley (nee Holford) is buried, Vale Royal Abbey where she entertained King James the 1st and her lovely chancery in St. Oswald’s Church, Lower Peover.

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